Client Reviews

The team at Pleasant Green Grass is fantastic. They came out and did an initial review of my lawns (front and back) and took time to answer all my basic questions (I'm a city boy and have never had a lawn before!) They gave me clear and detailed estimates so that I could choose exactly what was right for me. We agreed on a plan and they set realistic expectations. They send informative emails before and after treatments and they stick to their schedules. Our lawn already looks much better and I am very pleased. I have 2 dogs, a baby and organic garden so their organic processes are essential to me...and the results are excellent.

Dan Schnitzer

We have been using Pleasant Green Grass' organic fertilization and pre emergent regimen for over 8 years and have been pleased with the result. The focus on building up micro organisms in the soil using compost tea spray and compost top dressing takes some time, but the results are worth the wait. I like the organic approach to their service.

Gene Carlone

Fifteen years ago, our property qualified as a National Backyard Wildlife Habitat, meaning that the plants we chose to let grow there, and the provision of cover and water, make it hospitable to wildlife. We chose Pleasant Green Grass to help keep it that way: safe, natural and welcoming. A great, great company with wonderful employees!

Linda DeJongh