Fertilization Programs

FertilizationWe treat both cool season and warm season turf. We offer a variety of year round organic fertilization & weed control programs. Our organic lawn treatments are based on what each individual lawn needs. Every lawn is different, from the soil and sun exposure to grass type and fertilization history. Every lawn is unique and requires a specialized program. At Pleasant Green Grass, we design a program that fits your lawn and your expectations. We can suggest an aggressive approach to get your lawn in great shape as quickly as possible or we can suggest a slow and steady approach to improve your overall soil health. Our approach to lawn care is primarily Soil Health. We take an environmentally friendly and holistic approach, using only organic materials, to treat poor soil and bring it back to health. Our approach is a long term investment in the health of your soil, the health of your family and pets, our employees and the local environment and wildlife.

Synthetic fertilizers and pesticides pose significant harm to your lawn

  • Increasing soil salinity killing earthworms and beneficial organisms in the soil
  • Quick, water soluble nitrogen dissolves and leaches into surrounding water systems before the grass even gets a chance to use it
  • Can burn the grass
  • Disrupts PH balance
  • Gone after 30 days
  • Tends to sterilize soil
  • Derived from petroleum products
  • Provide a quick nitrogen fix that stimulates excessive growth leading to thatch build-up and dependence on another “fix”

We want to note these differences when attempting to compare our services apples to apples. There can be many hidden costs when using conventional chemical lawn care services. It took years for your soil to fall into poor health which is why we approach solutions by treating the root causes first and foremost. It typically takes a season or two to figure out the specific problems affecting your soil health so we generally start with a program and then make alterations to fit the specific needs of your lawn. Weeds are a symptom of poor soil health and our ultimate goal is to create a healthy turf that will naturally resist weeds. Using an organic program will require some time and patience, but once your soil is healthy there will be minimal treatments needed in order to maintain the soil health and a beautiful lawn. We typically offer a year round program consisting of 5-6 treatments. Those treatments typically include Organic Compost Tea Fertilizers, Organic Weed Control (pre and post emergent), Overseeding and Aeration.

Each time you use one of our products or services you are taking a step towards a more healthy beautiful lawn and creating a safer place for our community, families and environment.

At Pleasant Green Grass, we pride ourselves on being your source for complete lawn care & landscaping.  Whether its weed control, sod, or organic fertilizers or something more complex like patio design Pleasant Green Grass is the company you can trust!

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