Fertilizers and Soil Amendments

Organic Fertilization & Weed Control are two of the most important things for a beautiful healthy lawn!  A well-fed lawn recovers more quickly from stress and is more aggressive against weeds. As with all living things, proper nutrition is important to prevent diseases and insects. At Pleasant Green Grass, we use 100% Organic Fertilizers in our organic lawn treatments. Some soils are exceptionally good at growing grass and others are tough but most are in between. The results of organic lawn care are always going to vary depending on the soil conditions.

What Organic Fertilizers do we use?


GlutenGreen is an organic fertilizer derived from Corn Gluten Meal, Bone Meal, and Sulphate of Potash. Corn gluten meal, which is edible, is an EPA approved organic weed control. It’s presence in the soil stops seed from germinating properly. GlutenGreen produces a long lasting green up of turf grass with its 100% organic source of slow release nitrogen. The combined action of the fertilizer plus weed control will help stop new weeds from germinating while thicken up the turf. It’s the organic equivalent of a weed and feed. GlutenGreen results improve each year. The first year we can see up to a 60% success rate and up to 90% success rate if used over a three-year time period.  GlutenGreen works best if applied in February, prior to the weed germination period. For improved results it can also be applied in the fall to help suppress fall germinating weeds.

FertilizationCompost Tea Spray

Compost tea is a liquid spray teeming with live beneficial microorganisms, micronutrients and soil conditioners. It’s actually more like a soil conditioner instead of your typical N-P-K fertilizer. The compost tea helps produce strong plants that are more resistant to insect and disease problems and more resistant to extremes in temperature and moisture. Every chemical-based fertilizer, pesticide, insecticide and herbicide harms or outright kills some part of the beneficial life that exists in soil. Compost tea has the opposite effect and will improve the life in the soil and on plant surfaces! Using compost tea will increase the beneficial soil microorganisms and reduce disease-causing pest organisms.

Humate Soil Conditioner

Humate Soil Conditioner with Seaweed Extract is organic matter that has a positive effect on the physical, chemical, and biological reactions of the soil leading to an increase in soil fertility. Humate is comprised of Humic Acid and Fulvic Acid (composted over millions of years) which are proven to promote root strength and develop beneficial microbial activity. It also helps increase the soil’s capacity to retain water by making the soil more permeable.

Organic Fertilizer

Our Organic 5-4-3 Fertilizer is made from 100% all natural poultry layer manure. This is an all-purpose lawn and landscape fertilizer. It’s slow release for steady long-lasting color and growth. Analysis: 1.0% water soluble nitrogen, 4.0% water insoluble nitrogen, 4.0% P2O3, 3.0% K20, 9.0% Calcium, .08% magnesium, 0.2% Iron. It’s OMRI listed.

One Earth Weed Control

One Earth weed control is an organic product that is available exclusive to Pleasant Green Grass! We have rigorously tested and formulated this weed control to work in our North Carolina compacted clay soil. It is a more advanced compost tea application with added post emergent weed control that is not available anywhere else. It’s all natural and made from food grade ingredients. It works exceptionally well on broad leaf weeds and also helps to green up warm season grasses. Some weeds like henbit, purple deadnettle, fennel, shiny cudweed and Johnny jump up will die within a few days. Other, harder to control weeds such as wild strawberry, plantain, clover and dandelion may take a few applications. Clover is not always controlled immediately but will eventually fade out as the nutrients in the soil build up from repeated applications.