Truly Professional Lawn Care in Durham NC

Lawn Care Durham NCThe city of Durham NC is home to some of the loveliest lawns in the state of North Carolina. We’re not just saying this because many of our customers are from Durham NC, we’re merely making an objective observation! The people of Durham know the importance of having a healthy and beautiful lawn. They like to take pride in their lawns, trees and flowers because they know how to appreciate beauty.

We love taking care of the lawns in this wonderful city and we believe that your lawn can be the best looking lawn, the healthiest lawn and also the envy of the block if you let us take care of it. Pleasant Green Grass offers everything your lawn needs to be in great health and shape. We do lawn treatments, organic lawn treatments, pest control, organic fertilization and weed control, disease and insect control, mosquito control, over-seeding, shrub and tree care and soil aeration. We take care of all of your lawn’s needs, so you can reap the benefits of having a picture-perfect lawn.

For the Best Lawn Care, Durham NC Residents just have to Call Us

Pleasant Green Grass is a trusted name in the industry; we use only the best landscaping equipment and materials, the newest and best solutions for your lawn and trees; it’s the only way we have managed to be one of the best lawn care companies in Durham NC for years. Yes, we’re a locally-owned company that has been around a long time. During that time we’ve seen it all and we’ve learned a lot. We’re still learning, because that’s the only way to stay on top!

If you live in Durham NC or the surrounding areas, we’re the best option you have for lawn care. Our satisfied customers’ reviews are proof that our lawn care services are indeed superior to any you would find in the area.

If you’re not so sure about us, then why don’t you try our services out and then you can decide for yourself if we would make a good team. We offer a free estimate! All you need to do is complete a form on our website (it only takes around 3 minutes) or if you don’t have any time for that you can just give us a call. We will provide a free estimate and if you would like to continue with us, we will communicate our lawn care Durham NC pricing options that will cater to your needs. Go on, give us a call and trust us with your lawn and you will be happy you did!

We hope to work with you in the near future and give us a chance to prove ourselves. Let us take care of your lawn and transform it into something even more amazing. We hope to work with you soon so that your lawn becomes one of the most beautiful lawns in Durham NC.