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Organic Summer Pest Control: Lawn Care Cary NC Specialists on Companion Plants

Earlier this spring we have talked about organic spring pest prevention with our lawn care Raleigh NC colleagues. In that particular article, our specialists recommended homeowners to “mix companion plants and scented herbs with flowers and vegetation plantings as many flowers and spices or even vegetables act as pest repellents.” Our readers got curious and for all the right reasons: now we all know that lavender is an excellent and time-tested moth repellent, right? Are there any other similar herbs, spices or flowers that can act as insect defense? Can they be used as both food enhancement and organic pest control measures? Our lawn care Cary NC pros took over this topic and are here today to tell you a few things about companion plants and pest repellents. Continue reading

Organic Summer Weed Control: Lawn Care Apex NC Pros Share their Tips

There is no responsible homeowner out there to not be concerned about summer weeds – especially because this is the time of year when watering and fertilization are at their peak. Weeds tend to quickly pop out their ugly heads and spread like the plague if they are not well managed. However, if you think about using chemical fertilizers or herbicides, don’t! Heat and chemicals clash and can lead to severe damages to the soil, plants, grass roots, deep soil water streams, and the micro-ecosystem living on your property. Organic weed control in the lack of chemicals is possible our lawn care Apex NC specialists say and today they will explain to you how to manage weeds in order to protect your lawn, landscape, and the environment. Continue reading

How to Make Compost in 4 Steps: Lawn Care Apex NC Experts’ Guide

Making compost is an art and a science – and if you think it is not, ask around and learn how many trials-and-misses your friends and neighbors went through before achieving the desired outcomes. Many people prefer our lawn care Apex NC experts to come down and offer complete compost topsoil services, thus having lush and healthy properties with no efforts. On the other hand, since not many people know what compost is and how it is made, our specialists decided to offer you today a crash course in compost making. Make sure you pick an isolated spot way back in the garden to build your compost pile, as the stench might not be comfortable. Continue reading

5 Organic Home-Made Fertilizers: Lawn Care Durham NC Pros’ Tips

When it comes to organic lawn care, gardening, and landscaping, the problem of fertilizers is probably the most heated one. Pouring and spraying chemicals all over the place might lead to negative results for the environment, the micro-ecosystem thriving on your property, the crops, the children and the pets playing outside. Last time we talked about Epsom Salt as an incredible organic mineral used to boost your lawn’s health and looks. Today, our lawn care Durham NC experts are here to offer you a quick guide on home-made fertilizers. The use of kitchen leftovers in gardening is not new – this is pretty much how compost is made, but let’s take a closer look at what our experts have to say. Continue reading

Organic Maintenance at its Best: Lawn Care Cary NC Specialists Take on Epsom Salt

Organic-oriented and sustainability-focused homeowners are experienced in using different bio approaches to lawn care, landscaping and gardening. Not so long ago we have talked about the use of organic mulches to boost the soil and the plants’ health and looks. Today, however, we will talk about Epsom Salt – an organic product you can find in stores, supermarkets and drugstores which proved time and again that it is an excellent organic gardening tool. Epsom Salt can be incorporated into the soil or mixed with water for sprays – no matter how you use it; this magnesium-rich natural product is all the rage right now in organic gardening. So let’s see what our lawn care Cary, NC specialists have to say about the most common uses of Epsom Salt. Continue reading

Organic Lawn Care Raleigh, NC Experts on Spring Pests and Their Prevention

Now that spring has gloriously taken over the land, announcing summer, we are all outside taking care of our turfs, plants, flowers, trees and crops. With spring everything green comes back to life. However, there are also other things coming back to life this time of year and start buzzing around for our annoyance only: spring pests. Creepy crawlies invade gardens, looking for safe heavens to feed and breed. Some are more harmful than others but today, of all times, we deeply understand how chemical warfare should be avoided even when we have to deal with common yard spring pests. Our organic lawn care Raleigh, NC specialists are here to offer you a quick guide on spring and summer pest prevention using organic measures. Continue reading

Organic Trends for 2017 in Lawn Care Raleigh, NC Practices

Spring is not so far ahead, so this makes it the best season to start reading and learning about future trends in lawn care and landscaping. After all, we know all homeowners entertain the idea of rejuvenating their properties in spring, planting new flowers or shrubs, changing a few approaches to lawn maintenance and embracing more eco-friendly techniques. Today, our lawn care Raleigh, NC specialists found five organic lawn care and landscaping trends you might want to look into this year. They are meant to promote sustainability, preservation of resources and overall protection of the micro-ecosystems thriving on your property. Continue reading

Enjoy the Snow! Lawn Care Chapel Hill, NC Specialists’ Tips

While everybody enjoys winter holidays, it is true that the cold season also comes with plenty of nuisances including snow shoveling, deicing, messy walkways, high maintenance and heating bills, discomfort and so on. However, if you are worried about snowfall and its damaging potential for your lawn, you don’t have to worry about anything. An average layer of snow is actually very beneficial for your lawn and garden. Today, our lawn care Chapel Hill, NC specialists are here to explain some of the major benefits of snow for your landscape. Continue reading

Will Proper Lawn Care Increase the Worth of Your Home by Increasing it’s Curb Appeal?

You don’t normally think about the value of your lawn until it comes time to sell your home. After years of neglect, it’s hard to quickly bring your lawn back to life in a short amount of time. Many home owners find themselves in a bad situation when they decide to sell their home. They hire an appraisal service to come evaluate their property, only to find out their lawn is actually costing them money they could have made on the sale of their home. Investing in lawn care & landscaping, even on a minimal scale, can keep your lawn healthy, green, and tidy. Not only will this help boost the value of your property, but will also boost your quality of life. Continue reading

Pleasant Green Grass Launches New Website to Improve Our Customer Service.

Pleasant Green Grass has been offering organic lawn care services at affordable prices to our community for a long time now, and if we have learned anything, it’s that excellent customer service is just as important as the lawn care, landscaping and maintenance services we offer. Pleasant Green Grass goes above and beyond to ensure our clients are extremely happy with our work, and now we are making it even easier to find and request the services you may need. Continue reading