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Organic Lawn Products: Do The Right Thing

The thought of a perfectly manicured lawn may seem like the ultimate ‘accessory’ to a beautiful home, but in many ways, a paradigm shift is taking place in the way we view lawns and their protection. World events are beginning to evidence the fact that our future depends on sustainability measures on a governmental and individual scale. World peace and survival depends on the extent to which we reverse the devastating damage we have caused to the Planet. In the larger scheme of things, this may mean changing our idea of a beautiful lawn, thinking of the effect of our actions on the health of others, and attempting with every passing day, to focus on the essential rather than the superficial, and to do the right thing by our Planet.

Lawn Pesticides and Health

Whether or not pesticides affect our health is no longer a debatable subject. Numerous studies have linked chemical lawn products and pesticides to a host of health issues, including increased risks of childhood leukemia, brain cancer, birth defects, liver and kidney damage, etc. Different chemicals, evidently, pose different risks, with Environment and Human Health Inc (EHHI) noting that those exposed to 2,4-D have a higher incidence of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. For a thorough explanation of all the health risks linked to lawn pesticides, see the article, The Problem with Synthetic Fertilizers, on this site. By using chemicals on your lawn, you are exposing yourself to odorless, invisible toxic vapors that rise from your lawn; these vapors can remain active for years, evidenced by the fact that DDT is still present in women’s breast milk, in higher rates than is permitted in cow’s milk; think about the effect this can have on an infant!
In addition to causing serious disease, pesticides can cause many symptoms, including skin rashes, hyperactivity, tiredness, arrhythmias, high blood pressure and more. In the long term, pesticides have been linked to everything from infertility to heart damage and blindness. One of the most dangerous conditions many Americans suffer from is Multiple Chemical Sensitivity; to put it simply, we are exposing our bodies to too many toxins for too long, which can lead to everything from severe headaches to seizures. The sources of toxicity vary from lawn pesticides to skincare items and overused medication.

Organic lawn care means taking your health into your own hands

The problem with synthetic lawn products and pesticides is that you cannot rely on their safety; some items sold as ‘biodegradable’, for instance, degrade into far more toxic compounds than their predecessors. Past cases have shown that many products labeled ‘harmless’ are highly toxic to many birds and aquatic species. Organic lawn care allows you to breathe easy; you are not playing with a potential mine bomb that could go off in ways you least expected. Moreover, many pesticides require the use of protective clothing and masks; yet the labeling often fails to indicate this important fact. Don’t play with safety; eliminate all possible risks by relying on organic lawn products.

Organic lawn care protects the environment

Pesticides are causing great harm to our Planet, since many make their way into the environment and our water streams, poisoning countless species but also human beings, who rely on these water streams. Pesticides aren’t the only toxins to blame, of course. Scientific studies have spoken clearly on the devastating effects of improperly disposed medications, on humans, wildlife and agriculture. Drug manufacturing companies across the globe are constantly increasing the number of prescription and non-prescription pharmaceuticals, yet little is being done to inform people of the devastating ecological and health effects of improper disposal; in the same way, the public is ill informed about the effects of pesticides and synthetic lawn care products. Skincare products also contain toxic substances which can have devastating effects on our health and on the environment. The solution to these problems is clear in all cases: simplify! Toxicity poses too many risks to the environment. Take pesticides in the water supply; beyondpesticides.com notes that of 30 commonly used laws pesticides, 17 can be found in groundwater, and 23 can potentially leach. The EPA’s list of unregulated drinking water contaminants, meanwhile, contains several lawn chemicals including dangerous herbicides and various triazines; many would say that is surprising that these products are even allowed to be sold, considering they are known health hazards.

Organic lawn care and natural beauty

Current events are showing that we are changing the way we view the Earth, the role we play in it, and our interconnection. One of the most important changes we can make is to debunk countless myths surrounding beauty. There is nothing more beautiful than a bright red ladybug making its way across a dewy reed; with natural lawn care, it is easier for children and adults to get close to natural phenomena like this with no fear. Our health and the health of our Planet are intertwined and ultimately, and to think otherwise is to close our eyes to an undeniable truth.
(contributed by reader, Emma Benchley)

Pleasant Green Grass – Serving Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill & and the triangle.

Choosing the Right Landscaping Service For You:
Our services are based on what each individual lawn needs. Every lawn is different, from the soil and sun exposure to grass type and fertilization history. Every lawn is unique and requires its own specialized program. At Pleasant Green Grass we design a program that fits your lawn and your expectations. Often, we use an aggressive approach to get your lawn in great shape and the first several seasons may include a variety of services.

For lawns that require variety of services, we offer three Programs that bundle our most popular services in extremely cost-effective year-round packages that produce the best results for your organic lawn. These Programs are scientifically designed to work in harmony with each other and represent significant discounts to customers over the a la carte pricing.

Each time you use one of our products or services you are taking a step towards a more healthy beautiful lawn. Once your lawn reaches your expectations, the amount of steps needed to sustain that health and appearance decrease.

At Pleasant Green Grass, we pride ourselves on being your source for complete lawn care & landscaping.  Whether its weed control, sod, or organic fertilizers or something more complex like patio design Pleasant Green Grass is the company you can trust!

Serving Durham and Chapel Hill with Premier Organic Landscaping Products & Services:

  • Weed Control – Improve soil health and watch the turf strengthen and crowd out the weeds over time with our organic weed control services!
  • Glutengreen: – Organic fertilizer GlutenGreen includes pre-emergent qualities that prevent weeds by stopping them from germinating.
  • Burn Out: –  Burn Out is an all-natural, and a great alternative to products like Roundup.
  • Fertilizers: the organic approach improves the soil and produces stronger healthier soil.
  • Soil Amendments: – After a Soil Analysis is performed, our technicians will make accurate amendments to bring your soil back to life!
  • Humate Soil Conditioner with Seaweed: – Organic fertilizer and soil conditioners
  • Aeration: – Aeration is one of the most important procedures for maintaining a beautiful and healthy lawn!
  • Soil Analysis: – Our soil analysis will allow us to make accurate adjustments and amendments to bring your soil back to life!
  • Compost Top-dressing:- Increase your soil life and soil heath with Compost Top Dressing!
  • Organic Garden Installation: – You’ve made the decision to fertilize your lawn organically, now you can grow your own organic vegetables!
  • Mosquito and Tick Control– Mosquito and Tick control in an Organic and Environmentally save way!


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