Pleasant Green Grass Provides Organic Lawn Care, Landscaping, Maintenance & Mosquito Control in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, Apex & Morrisville

The thought of a perfectly manicured lawn may seem like the ultimate ‘accessory’ to a beautiful home, but in many ways, a paradigm shift is taking place in the way we view lawns and their protection. World events are beginning to evidence the fact that our future depends on sustainability measures on a governmental and individual scale. World peace and survival depends on the extent to which we reverse the devastating damage we have caused to the Planet. In the larger scheme of things, this may mean changing our idea of a beautiful lawn, thinking of the effect of our actions on the health of others, and attempting with every passing day, to focus on the essential rather than the superficial, and to do the right thing by our Planet. You can take the first step towards a better future, by considering a change in the way you treat your lawn. Our organic lawn treatments such as organic fertilization & weed control, are a prime example of how you can do your part without any extra effort.