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Pleasant Green Grass Provides Organic Lawn Care in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, Apex & Morrisville

We’re all about working with nature not against it. Our focus is the soil. If your soil is out of balance it will be obvious; your grass will be thin and weak and full of weeds and disease. These are all symptoms of poor soil. Your soil is working against you. If you balance and bring life back to the soil it will start working for you, weeds and disease go away and the grass grows thicker and healthier. It really is that simple. The hard part is how. Leave that up to us. We’ve been perfecting our program since 2006. We do extensive soil testing, consult with a soil specialist on each individual lawn and make our own products. We do extensive soil testing and have custom products made to address the soil issues in this area. Give us a try and see the difference it makes when you start working with nature.

Organic Lawn Care Results So Good… They Have Been Awarded Time After Time.

We have been deeply humbled by the responses from our customers. We have the greatest customers in the world and they have repeatedly chosen us as “The Best”. Pleasant Green Grass Organic Lawn Care & Landscaping proves that you CAN go organic and still have the lush, beautiful, thriving lawn you desire. In fact, we believe that an Organic approach to Lawn Care cultivates a healthier environment for your landscape to thrive in, as well as one that is safe for humans and animals. Don’t be lured in by the quick results of chemical-based lawn care. They might give quick results, but will leave your lawn damaged and starving for nutrients over time. Organic Lawn Care improves the very soil your plants and grass live in, causing them to grow healthier and happier. Try our services and see for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

Organic & Natural Mosquito Control

We’re proud to announce that we are now offering organic mosquito control in Durham and Chapel Hill. Our all natural mosquito, tick, and flea repellent is a highly effective 100% organic spray made from cedar oil. It’s safe for people, pets, pollinators like bees, and is eco-friendly. Our natural mosquito spraying services enable you to enjoy your front and backyard and landscape without being attacked non-stop by hungry blood sucking mosquitos. Contact us today to get your organic mosquito spaying service started today.