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How to Care for Your Roses in Summer: Our Lawn Care Pros’ Recommendations

Summer is the time of the roses – these lush, fragrant and gorgeous flowers have the time of their life these months, charming you with their bright bold colors, their hypnotizing scents and their surreal beauty. But the scorching summer months in your area may also negatively impact your roses, together with pests and specific … Read more

Pleasant Green Grass Launches New Website to Improve Our Customer Service

Pleasant Green Grass has been offering organic lawn care services at affordable prices to our community for a long time now, and if we have learned anything, it’s that excellent customer service is just as important as the lawn care, landscaping and maintenance services we offer. Pleasant Green Grass goes above and beyond to ensure … Read more

Enjoy the Snow! Lawn Care Chapel Hill, NC Specialists’ Tips

While everybody enjoys winter holidays, it is true that the cold season also comes with plenty of nuisances including snow shoveling, deicing, messy walkways, high maintenance and heating bills, discomfort and so on. However, if you are worried about snowfall and its damaging potential for your lawn, you don’t have to worry about anything. An … Read more

Organic Maintenance at its Best: Lawn Care Cary NC Specialists Take on Epsom Salt

Organic-oriented and sustainability-focused homeowners are experienced in using different bio approaches to lawn care, landscaping and gardening. Not so long ago we have talked about the use of organic mulches to boost the soil and the plants’ health and looks. Today, however, we will talk about Epsom Salt – an organic product you can find … Read more

5 Organic Home-Made Fertilizers: Lawn Care Durham NC Pros’ Tips

When it comes to organic lawn care, gardening, and landscaping, the problem of fertilizers is probably the most heated one. Pouring and spraying chemicals all over the place might lead to negative results for the environment, the micro-ecosystem thriving on your property, the crops, the children and the pets playing outside. Last time we talked … Read more