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5 Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid this Fall: Landscaping Cary NC Pros are Here to Help!

Caring for your lawn and vegetation is very rewarding, albeit difficult. However, you cannot neglect some lawn care and maintenance tasks. Last time we met, we have talked about organic property maintenance. Today, our landscaping Cary NC specialists are here to take things up a notch and talk to you about five common landscaping mistakes you should avoid making this season. The first thing you should do, before we begin, is to rethink the concept of landscaping and make sure that you understand that all things are interconnected.

1. People Ignore their Homes

Your house is perhaps the centerpiece of your entire landscape, so it should add value to your property and beautify it. This is why our landscaping Cary NC pros recommend you to paint the house exterior, mend the decorative elements, fix the stairs and the windows, make sure the plumbing works just fine, the foundation is strong, and the house boosts your property’s looks and curb appeal. A strong and well-mended house keeps you safe from weather phenomena, pests, rodents, and other structural or environmental threats.

2. People Ignore Hardscapes

When it comes to landscape design and installations, nothing compares to our professional landscaping Cary NC pros’ team talents. You may be focusing on the vegetation, but this does not mean you should neglect the hardscape elements. Early fall is a great time to spice things up and add a fire pit, retaining walls, water features, and a winding garden path, among others. It is also the best time to fix anything broken and add functionality to beauty. Sidewalks, pathways, outdoor structures, new patios and decks – you name it! These are all great hardscape elements to add for comfort and utility.

3. People Ignore Landscape Irrigation Systems

Depending on the weather conditions, you may decide to put landscape irrigation on hold. However, this does not mean you should completely neglect your sprinklers. You have to verify and fix all of them. They also need to be prepared for winter. Ask your local landscaping Cary NC to check everything and offer you their recommendations on how to winterize your irrigation system.

4. People Ignore Landscape Lighting

You will need all the light you can get during the cold season, so this is the best time to assess the looks and functionality of your landscape lighting and invest in new lighting systems. New garden lamps or some hanging lights on the porch are just a few interesting and useful addition to your home and landscape this season. Having good light means that you will be safer and feel more comfortable outside the house.

5. People Ignore Constant Cleaning

Raking the leaves from the front lawn is a good start, but it is not enough. You should make a plan in order to make sure everything on your property is clean and tidy. Remove the dead fallen leaves and debris from all hard surfaces, as wet leaves become slippery when wet and pose a threat to cars and pedestrians. Store everything (substances, tools, etc.) in dry, safe places. Fix all garden sheds and outdoor structures to keep them safe from weather, pests, and wildlife. Pressure wash your walkways, sidewalks, parking lot and driveway, and make sure the trash stays as far from your house as possible.

If you want help with your tasks this season, ask your local landscaping Cary NC team to give you a hand and ensure your property is beautiful, functional, and safe.