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Four Main Organic Lawn Care Apex NC Tasks to Implement this Fall: A Word from our Experts

When it comes to fall preparations, many beginner homeowners believe that lawn watering, mowing, and vegetation trimming are the only tasks they need to implement on their properties. Fall is a slower season than summer, indeed, but this does not mean you should let nature have its ways while you sit back and relax. Today, our organic lawn care Apex NC specialists are here to refresh your memory on early fall organic lawn care preparations you have to implement in order to keep your lawn and property healthy, strong, and thriving.

1. The Soil

Just as you begin building your house with the foundation, you should also build a strong lawn and landscape with the soil. After a long summer, the soil may suffer and present some deficiencies you need to correct. Here are the two main tasks recommended by our organic lawn care Apex NC specialists:

  • Soil testing: you need to test the pH levels of your soil, together with its nourishment needs, drainage issues, and vulnerabilities to weather conditions, pests, diseases, and weeds. After your local organic lawn care Apex NC specialists tested the soil, they may recommend you some soil amendments.
  • Soil core aeration: You need to aerate the soil to avoid severe compaction. This task ensures that light, air, warmth, fertilizers, and water properly nourish the soil and the grasses’ roots.

2. Organic Turf Care

Heat, foot traffic, pests, or weeds may have damaged your lawn here and there. If you notice brown, dry, damaged, or diseases spots on your lawn, it is time to take some measures. Some tasks ensure that your lawn will stay healthy and strong during the months to come:

  • Lawn overseeding: Overseed the entire lawn to fix the dry/damaged areas and make it denser. It will further ensure your lawn’s resilience in the face of pests, diseases, or extreme weather conditions.
  • Crop mixing: make sure you mix the turf varieties to make the lawn more resilient to pests, weeds, and diseases.
  • Lawn mowing: Raise the lawn mower blades starting this month; taller grasses get more air, light, and warmth, becoming stronger and more resilient to environmental factors.
  • Lawn irrigation: Ask your local organic lawn care Apex NC to implement a proper watering program for your lawn to ensure it stays green and lush.
  • Lawn amendments: Your organic lawn care Apex NC may suggest some soil amendments to keep it healthy and strong. Now it is the best time to refresh and replace the mulch layers, use organic compost, and introduce ground covers to keep the lawn safe and strong.

3. Fertilization and Weed Control

Organic lawn fertilization and weed control are mandatory this time of year. Have your organic lawn care Apex NC specialists implement their organic pre-emergent weed control program and add organic fertilizers to keep your lawn safe and thriving. There are plenty of ways to deter weeds organically, so ask your local team to give you a hand with this task.

4. Permanent Lawn Maintenance

Starting this month, you need to keep a close eye on your entire property. You need to frequently clean the lawn and yard from all types of debris, correctly store everything, and make sure there is nothing on your property that attracts and entertains pests or diseases.

For more information on organic lawn care Apex NC services, contact your local team and ask them for their help.