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Organic Maintenance at its Best: Lawn Care Cary NC Specialists Take on Epsom Salt

Organic-oriented and sustainability-focused homeowners are experienced in using different bio approaches to lawn care, landscaping and gardening. Not so long ago we have talked about the use of organic mulches to boost the soil and the plants’ health and looks. Today, however, we will talk about Epsom Salt – an organic product you can find in stores, supermarkets and drugstores which proved time and again that it is an excellent organic gardening tool. Epsom Salt can be incorporated into the soil or mixed with water for sprays – no matter how you use it; this magnesium-rich natural product is all the rage right now in organic gardening. So let’s see what our lawn care Cary, NC specialists have to say about the most common uses of Epsom Salt.

1. Grow Thicker, Greener, Stronger Turf

If you care about your lawn and are an adept of organic lawn care and landscaping, then Epsom Salt is right for you. Make a mixture of the salt with water and spray your turf and lawn with the dilution once or twice a month. The magnesium boost will help your grasses germinate faster and burst into sparkling green, robust, upright, thick and healthy turf blades. Epsom Salt also protects the grass roots helping them fare better during summer heat, extreme weather phenomena, physical damage (stomping) or mowing stress.

2. Counter Transplant Shock

Our lawn care Cary, NC specialists warn all gardeners that transplants can stress flowers, shrubs, ornamentals or trees quite a lot. If you want to help the transplanted vegetation to adapt better and faster to their new area and conditions, make a solution of water and Epsom Salt and irrigate well the transplant area of the soil. This organic fertilizer increases the production of chlorophyll and the nutrients uptake, giving the transplanted plants better chances to survive the transplant shock, develop new roots and grow healthy.

3. Grow Sweeter Vegetables

Magnesium is loved by many veggies and fruits, but tomatoes are its biggest fans. If they get a magnesium deficiency, your tomatoes will lose scent, taste, color and yield, so irrigate your tomatoes with a mix of Epsom Salt and water. They will grow larger in size, more resilient, healthy and a lot sweeter. If you want to preserve their bright red color and resilience, spray the tomatoes with a mix of Epsom Salt and water a few times a month.

4. Grow Amazing Flowers

Just as it makes your tomatoes sweeter, Epsom Salt makes your flowers yield more blossoms. Our lawn care Cary, NC specialists consider Epsom Salt to be the eco-friendliest, cheapest solution to boost your flower beds, shrubs, and hedges. This organic fertilizer determines flowering plants to make stronger, more colorful, more textured and more bountiful flowers. Irrigate your roses, azaleas, rhododendrons, bougainvillea and gardenias with an Epsom Salt + water solution every 2-3 weeks or incorporate the salt into the soil when planting flowers or shrubs.

5. Make Yellow Foliage Green Again

Sometimes you will notice that some parts of your vegetation’s foliage turn yellow, even if there are little seasonal or environmental conditions to support such an occurrence. Yellow, curled leaves / grass blades may have a magnesium deficiency. Our lawn care Cary, NC specialists recommend you spray the yellow foliage with Epsom Salt and water or spread the salt on the ground around trees, shrubs, vegetables, flowers and grasses you want to green up again at least once a month.