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Organic Lawn Care Raleigh, NC Experts on Spring Pests and Their Prevention

Now that spring has gloriously taken over the land, announcing summer, we are all outside taking care of our turfs, plants, flowers, trees and crops. With spring everything green comes back to life. However, there are also other things coming back to life this time of year and start buzzing around for our annoyance only: spring pests. Creepy crawlies invade gardens, looking for safe heavens to feed and breed. Some are more harmful than others but today, of all times, we deeply understand how chemical warfare should be avoided even when we have to deal with common yard spring pests. Our organic lawn care Raleigh, NC specialists are here to offer you a quick guide on spring and summer pest prevention using organic measures.

1. Insects: Friends or Foes?

Even before thinking about chemical pest control measures and insecticides, you should first get very good at identifying your enemies. Organic lawn care supports the promotion of beneficial insects and pollinators while it also supports organic pest deterrence. Let’s take a look at the most common spring pests likely to invade your property this year:

  • Aphids: soft-bodied insects with long legs thriving underneath leaves and feeding on foliage.
  • Grubs: the larvae of the June beetle thrive underneath the lawn and feed on the turf roots leading to impressive lawn damages.
  • Caterpillars: don’t exterminate them if you love your summer butterflies, but keep them contained and far from your leaves and veggie garden.
  • Ants: a few ants here and there are a part of the ecosystem you promote on your property, but in large numbers they can become destructive, so keep them under surveillance.
  • Mites: these tiny spiders will feed on your vegetables, flowers, scented herbs and even house plants, living almost undetected under leaves and flower buds.
  • Snails and slugs: easy to be seen and contained, these pests love vegetables (seedlings and full grown plants), leaves, vegetation stems, flowers, plant bulbs and so on.
  • Beetles: ask your lawn care Raleigh, NC specialists to help you identify the good beetles (which feed on aphids and caterpillars) from the bad ones (which feed on virtually all green leaves and vegetables).
  • Mosquitoes and Ticks: more dangerous to humans and pets than to the garden or lawn, these pests give you a lot of trouble if not properly contained.

2. Control Spring Pests with Organic Measures

Beneficial and companion insects should be revered while pests should be repelled. The problem with most pests is that they are invisible until the damages become visible – hence, catastrophic. The best organic strategy to implement in these cases is prevention and proper organic lawn care. Most preventative measures obstruct the thriving of pests and our organic lawn care Raleigh, NC specialists have some advice for you:

  • Proper lawn and landscape irrigation and organic fertilization
  • Regular inspections of the turf, plants, vegetables and trees to catch early infestations
  • Mixing companion plants and scented herbs with flowers and vegetation plantings as many flowers and spices or even vegetables act as pest repellents
  • Use organic fertilizers and organic pest control substances over insecticides or other chemicals
  • Encourage natural predators and beneficial insects to take residence on your property and naturally control pests.

Call your organic lawn care Raleigh, NC experts if you have a pest problem and listen to their advice!