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Organic Summer Pest Control: Lawn Care Cary NC Specialists on Companion Plants

Earlier this spring we have talked about organic spring pest prevention with our lawn care Raleigh NC colleagues. In that particular article, our specialists recommended homeowners to “mix companion plants and scented herbs with flowers and vegetation plantings as many flowers and spices or even vegetables act as pest repellents.” Our readers got curious and for all the right reasons: now we all know that lavender is an excellent and time-tested moth repellent, right? Are there any other similar herbs, spices or flowers that can act as insect defense? Can they be used as both food enhancement and organic pest control measures? Our lawn care Cary NC pros took over this topic and are here today to tell you a few things about companion plants and pest repellents.

  • Rosemary and Mint

Plant them together or separately or keep them in pots all around your property. Insert them in between other plants in your lawn edges or make small fragrant fences around your decks, patios, and outdoor structures. These two herbs are excellent defense methods against aphids, ants, and mosquitoes. Rosemary and mint also attract bees and pollinators so they also go great in flower beds and vegetable gardens.

  • Mint and Tansy

If you totally dread ants, mosquitoes, and Japanese beetles, plant a mix of mint and tansy all around the outdoor structures and plantings you want to protect against these insects.

  • Basil

Keep fresh or dry basil around at all times. Basil fends off flies and mosquitoes so keep it around the outdoor structures you use the most this summer (and don’t neglect your pool area either).

  • Dill and Cilantro

While not everybody loves cilantro in their food, keep this herb around, as it keeps your lawn and garden free from spider mites and aphids. It also gets more efficient when it is mixed with dill.

  • Marigolds

Marigolds are a natural wonder not only because they look amazing and are resilient to almost anything, but because they are excellent pest repellents. Put marigolds anywhere you like: lawn edges and pathway borders, vegetable gardens, flower beds, patio and porches fences, around the house and in between vegetables. They keep nematodes and Japanese beetles away and protect tomatoes.

  • Daisies

Daisies are beautiful and can be planted anywhere you want to keep that space or planting free from aphids.

  • Garlic

Think garlic outside the vegetable garden and blend it in lawn edges, flower beds, decorative fences and pots for patios, yards, decks, and so on. Garlic keeps at bay aphids, loopers, snails, and Japanese beetles.

  • Onion and Garlic

With their scents combined, these two amazing plants will keep mice and rodents away from your property, so you can think about planting them alongside property fences or around outdoor structures that attract rodents (garden sheds, garage, other buildings).

For more information on companion planting, talk to your local lawn care Cary NC specialists to give you detailed advice on how to add these herbs, spices, flowers, and plants in an aesthetic and useful manner so that you can keep your entire property safer from insects and pests.