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Organic Summer Weed Control: Lawn Care Apex NC Pros Share their Tips

There is no responsible homeowner out there to not be concerned about summer weeds – especially because this is the time of year when watering and fertilization are at their peak. Weeds tend to quickly pop out their ugly heads and spread like the plague if they are not well managed. However, if you think about using chemical fertilizers or herbicides, don’t! Heat and chemicals clash and can lead to severe damages to the soil, plants, grass roots, deep soil water streams, and the micro-ecosystem living on your property. Organic weed control in the lack of chemicals is possible our lawn care Apex NC specialists say and today they will explain to you how to manage weeds in order to protect your lawn, landscape, and the environment.

Pull the Weeds Yourself

This is indeed a difficult task, but it is the safest one. Identify the weeds, pull them with care so you don’t leave behind too many seeds that can’t wait to sprout, and make sure flowers, shrubs, and trees have as few weed companions as possible.

Mulch Right

One might think that mulch actually promotes weed growth and expansion, as it plays a strong fertilization role on your lawn. However, moist mulch is an indirect defense system for your turf and plants. By keeping their roots cool, moist, and well nourished, moist organic mulch helps them become more resilient to weeds, pests, or environmental conditions. Even if you have to deal with a severe weed infestation, your mulched lawn and landscape will keep its strength and survive better the attack.

Dry and inorganic mulches act as physical barriers against weeds. While they don’t have fertilization purposes, these mulches can actually smother weeds, preventing them from germination. We have talked about several types of organic and inorganic mulches, but talk to your local lawn care Apex NC specialists on how to best use both organic and inorganic mulch as weed control.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Weeds don’t need much encouragement to sprout and spread. Most of the times it is us who promote weed attacks by disturbing them from their dormant state.

Make sure you don’t engage in intensive lawn care and landscaping activities during the hottest months of summer: deep digging, soil aerations, large vegetation transplants, large new cultivations may awake weeds from their slumber.If you need some intensive work on your property this summer, have your lawn care Apex NC team give you a hand, as they know how to perform lawn maintenance without disturbing the weeds.

Don’t Bring the Weeds Home

You may want to get some new potted plants for the yard or patio or you feel like some new seeds will vamp up your lawn this year. Make sure that anything green you buy comes from a reputable nursery and doesn’t come together with inconspicuous weed seeds or sprouts. Have your lawn care Apex NC pros perform a quick assessment of all the potted plants and seeds you intend to introduce on your lawn and garden.

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