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Organic Trends for 2017 in Lawn Care Raleigh, NC Practices

Spring is not so far ahead, so this makes it the best season to start reading and learning about future trends in lawn care and landscaping. After all, we know all homeowners entertain the idea of rejuvenating their properties in spring, planting new flowers or shrubs, changing a few approaches to lawn maintenance and embracing more eco-friendly techniques. Today, our lawn care Raleigh, NC specialists found five organic lawn care and landscaping trends you might want to look into this year. They are meant to promote sustainability, preservation of resources and overall protection of the micro-ecosystems thriving on your property.

1. Natural Materials for Outoor Spaces and Hardscapes

This year we notice a growing popular trend revolving around the use of natural materials for outdoor living spaces’ and hardscapes’ building. The use of natural wood, stone, sun-dry tiles, brick and cobblestone suggests people favor a return to nature and to a raw, retro-like landscape design.  The blending of modern landscaping elements with natural ones is increasingly popular these days, adding to a well-deserved eclectism.

2. Turf Replacements

Given the problems related to water scarcity and environmental protection, many landscape architects have noticed an inclination towards the replacement of traditional turfs with native grasses or special turfs not needing mowing. Prairie-like grasses are also revered these days. Turf replacements will not take over soon, but people seem to understand that native, low-maintenance grasses require less watering and are more resilient to local pests, weeds and diseases, also lowering the need to use fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides.

3. Hyperlocalism

This is a very popular concept in lawn care and landscaping these days. Our lawn care Raleigh, NC experts saw a rise in revamping landscapes with the help of endemic species of vegetation, grasses and trees. Hyperlocalism means the planting of region-specific plants requiring little to no fertilization, watering, disease or pest control. Such shurbs, trees and flowers are locally sourced and perfectly blend in a low-maintenance landscape design. Such an organic approach to lawn care also promotes the thriving of hyperlocal species of beneficial insects and companion plants, birds and butterflies. Such approach promotes the use of less water, fertilizers and herbicides. As a consequence, you will spend less money and save a lot of time and effort with gardening tasks.

4. Sustainable Irrigation

Our lawn care Raleigh, NC specialists salute the introduction of smart irrigation systems as parts of a larger organic approach to lawn care. Such systems come packed with sensors and controls allowing to perfectly manage the time, quantity and frequency of irrigation on your property. Some tech-focused systems can be operated via smartphone apps, making distance lawn care an easy task. You will be able to better manage water resources, time and money, while the system will keep your lush lawn sparkling green, properly watered and thriving all year long.

5. Blend of Edibles and Ornamentals

Edible gardens are not a new trend, but a developing one. Blending vegetables with flowers and herbs is an amazing approach to organic landscaping as it cuts down the traditional turf size, keeping the landscape’s color, contrast, texture and scent. Edible gardens represent peoples’ inclination towards healthier ways of life, including the consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits, an approach to life that many lawn care Raleigh, NC specialists applaud wholeheartedly.